SS Persic (eng)

SS Persic (eng)

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Gross Tonnage - 11,973 tons
Dimensions - 167.69 x 19.3m (550.2 x 63.3ft)
Number of funnels - 1
Number of masts - 4
Construction - Steel
Propulsion - Twin screw
Engines - Two four-cylindered quadruple expansion engines Service speed - 13.5 knots
Builder - Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Launch date - 7 September 1899
Passenger accommodation - 320 cabin class

Details of Career

The Afric, Medic and Persic were all cargo vessels which entered service in 1899 and were known as the Jubilee Class. The Persic was the last of the three to be launched, on 7 September. The ship made its maiden voyage from Liverpool to Sydney on 7 December, carrying some 500 troops to Cape Town on the way. At Cape Town the ship's rudder stock broke and the voyage was delayed while a new one came out from Harland & Wolff. The voyage was resumed in 1900 and the ship also carried home the Australian sick and wounded, from the second Boer War. On 26 October it was involved in the rescue of the crew of the burning schooner Madura.

During the period 1917-19 the Persic operated with the Medic under the Liner Requisition Scheme. In September 1918 the Persic was torpedoed off Sicily by UB-87, but reached port safely. It was returned to its owners in 1920, refitted, modernised and converted to house 260 cabin class passengers. In 1926 it was refitted at Govan but had suffered irreparable engine wear. It made its final voyage from Liverpool on 26 September and was subsequently laid up. It was sold on 7 July 1927 and went to be broken up at Hendrik ido Ambacht, Netherlands.