SS Cretic (eng)

SS Cretic (eng)


Gross Tonnage - 13,507 tons
Dimensions - 177.39 x 18.36m (582 x 60.3ft)
Number of funnels - 1
Number of masts - 4
Construction - Steel
Propulsion - Twin-screw
Engines - Triple-expansion, two
Service speed - 15 knots
Builder - Hawthorn, Leslie & Co., Hebburn-on-Tyne
Launch date - 25 February 1902
Passenger accommodation - 260 1st class, 250 2nd class, 1,000 3rd class

Details of Career

The Cretic was launched on 25 February 1902 as the Hanoverian for Frederick Leyland & Co. It made its maiden voyage from Liverpool to Boston on 19 July. In 1903 it was transferred to the Doninion Line and remaned the Mayflower. It also served the Liverpool to Boston route under this company. In October of that year the ship was transferred to the White Star Line and renamed the Cretic.

The ship made its maiden voyage for the White Star Line on 19 November 1903, from Liverpool to Boston. It made ten round voyages on this route before beginning a service between New York and the Mediterranean in November 1904. This service called at New York, Boston, Naples and Genoa. This service was maintained almost for the entire career of the ship.

During the period 1917-19 the Cretic was taken over by the Admiralty under the Liner Requisition Scheme. From April 1918 it made several voyages on the Liverpool to New York route before reverting to its usual service in September 1919. At around this time the ship's passenger accommodation was altered to accommodate 300 1st class, 210 2nd class and 800 3rd class passengers.

In June 1923 the Cretic was transferred back to the Leyland Line and renamed the Devonian. Again it was to serve the Liverpool to Boston route. On 10 December 1927 it began to operate for the Red Star Line by sailing from New York to Antwerp, via Plymouth. It made two further sailings on the Antwerp-New York route and made its final sailing from Boston to Liverpool on 15 September 1928. The ship was then broken up in 1929 by P & W McLellan at Bo'ness, Firth of Forth.